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make me choose:
 ohmyquigley asked: maggie q or shane west


//make me choose//

ohmyquigley asked nikita mears or alexandra udinov




Winter’s TaleNikita style trailer [Mikita]

Please watch in 720p [HD] + headphones

original trailer: http://youtu.be/DBSj1MKwx6A

►Fandom: Nikita
►Couple: Michael + Nikita
►Program: Sony Vegas pro 12

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sean & alex meme: [6/8] episodes

→  ARISING; I’m glad you’re looking out for me, Sean. I know I don’t always make it easy.”


I try to get away. It’s very unusual for me to be in one spot for so many months, which is one of the things I’ve had to get used to for a television show. I enjoy going on adventures and seeing the planet.


The women of Nikita are at the heart of the series, a refreshing change from many spy dramas. they’re allowed to be flawed - to be cruel, violent, angry, manipulative, damaged - while also being characters worth rooting for. to be kind, merciful, loving, warm. they are allowed to fall and get back up. they are allowed to be heroes and villains. they are allowed to be human. the women are also not there simply to serve the stories of the men; they may have lovers but they also have distinct arcs outside of their partners. and, perhaps best of all, the women seem to rescue the men far more than the reverse is true. yet the men don’t need to be weakened to highlight the strength of the women either. there are no distressed damsels in this world. (x)